Trekking in the local mountains, including ‘Gunung Seraya’ and ‘Gunung Agung’, (an active volcano and Bali’s highest peak) is an unforgettable experience. Pass through picturesque villages on your way to the top where you’ll be rewarded with amazing views over the surrounding countryside and sea to the neighbouring islands. We can organise long (overnight) or short (day) treks or even just a scooter ride to scenic villages along the foot of the mountains.

It's great fun to hop on a scooter or bicycle and explore the beautiful coast road, visit local temples (including the famous Lempuyang and Besakih temples), or just enjoy the experience of passing through friendly local villages. The local roads are relatively quiet and along the coast road (east from Bedulu) you will pass over stunning headlands with magnificent ocean vistas and then down into sheltered coves and through the sleepy villages with their colourful flotilla of fishing boats. If you take the inland road (also quiet) and head towards the mountains you’ll see rice fields & the Balinese people tending to them in traditional ways and more than likely you’ll hear the enchanting sound of traditional gamelon music being played as you pass through the small villages. All local roads to the east of Bedulu are well off the beaten track and travelling along them will be a memorable experience. You can do this on your own bike or scooter or on the back of one of our scooters with a driver.


Diving or snorkeling on the local coral reefs and shipwrecks is the most popular activity for most visitors to the region and it’s easy to see why as some of the local dive sites such as Jemeluk and Tulamben are internationally renowned with people coming from all over the world just to dive there. The great thing about the reefs and shipwrecks around Amed is that they’re all accessible to the amateur snorkeler but also challenging enough for the experienced divers. At our home reef (directly in front of the resort) the coral’s very close to the beach, no boat or guide is necessary. The Japanese shipwreck is another local favourite; a World War II wreck that lies just 15 metres off the beach in less than 5 metres of water is popular with both divers and snorkelers alike, as is the nearby USS Liberty wreck at Tulamben. 

Going fishing or recreational sailing in a traditional fishing boat (jukung) with a local fisherman is an unforgettable experience. Whether you want to catch a big one for dinner or just watch the sunset as you cruise along the coast this is one of the ‘must do’ activities in the amed area. It’s a great way to see the coastal mountains as they rise up out of the sea. It’s also an opportunity to experience the local culture first hand, to feel the simplicity and peacefulness of the local way of life. Most men who live on the Amed coast earn their living in these boats going out every day to try their luck and help keep us and their families supplied with the freshest seafood imaginable.

Taking a speed boat from Amed is the fastest way to get to the nearby Gili Islands from Bali. The one-way trip to Gili Trawangan is only about one hour from Amed and it is possible to do the return trip in a day and still have plenty of time to look around, go for a swim, enjoy a meal, etc. The Gili Islands are one of the regions’ most popular tourist attractions and most people take either the slow boat direct from Padang-Bai (5 hours) or the public ferry via Lombok, then drive to the north cost of Lombok and then another boat (all day).  But as more people discover the ease of access to the Gili islands via Amed the better the services are becoming and the price continues to drop as a result of the increase in passengers and local competition among transport providers. Although you can’t see the Gili Islands from the beach in Aem yu can see them quite clearly from Bedulu.

Traditional Balinese massage is available in the comfort of your own room, by the pool side or down on the beach, the choice is yours. Modern spa treatments are also available through a local spa centre and they can also be requested to come to the resort and provide treatments in the comfort and privacy of your own room – brochures detailing the various treatments on offer are available at the Bedulu reception area.

If you stay for more than a few days it’s more than likely that you will be able to witness a traditional Balinese ceremony at one or more of the local temples. Balinese ceremonies are beautiful and fascinating to watch, full of colour and symbolism. Much has been written of them in the many guidebooks about Bali and so if you are interested to attend a ceremony please mention this to us when you arrive and we will try our best to arrange this for you. All that is required of you is to be brave enough to wear traditional Balinese clothing (we can provide).